Who are we?

Whichfenceismine.co.uk is a platform designed by boundary experts to help property owners understand which boundary they are legally responsible for without the usual fuss and expense of instructing solicitors.

Too often, people rely on the so called “left-hand” or “right-side” rules, but there is no legal basis for this and clarity is needed because fences, hedges and walls can be expensive to maintain.

We obtain and study title deeds and other documents if needed from the Land Registry. We then prepare and send you an easy-to-read, comprehensive report summarising our findings together with copies of your Land Registry title deeds.

So, rather than rely on unfounded rules (or your neighbour’s view), let us check and confirm your legal position.

It could save you a lot of money!

Our Team

We are a highly experienced team of property boundary specialists led by a principal with over 25 years’ experience in the field.

Our specialist solicitors are Bola Fakoya (our principal) and Sarah Sid.





Having completed her legal training with a top 500 regional firm in Kent, Bola qualified as a solicitor in 1994. She then worked for a Local Authority, before becoming a partner in a firm in London. In 2006 Net Solicitors was launched as an internet-based practice.
Sarah has a long-standing relationship with Net Solicitors, having paralegalled for the firm during her law degree. She completed her training in 2017 with a top 500 Legal firm based in Kent.